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Root Cause Analysis

“Why? Why? Why?” Some days those seem to be the only words we can muster. Yet, these difficult but necessary questions must be asked if we are going to change our current situation. Every school has its share of challenges and issues. Some are large and looming, casting shadows all around. Others are small and inconspicuous, staying out of the way but their presence can be felt all the same. Problems are a lot like weeds in a garden: if you don’t remove the root, they keep coming back. This is the purpose of root cause analysis.


Root cause analysis goes beyond identifying issues and symptoms; it digs into past practice to discover the reasons why we are where we are. The process requires asking hard questions and giving honest answers. Finding root causes is only half of the process. After we discover them, we can address our current situation and progress toward the goal of excellence, deciding the best course of action based on what we've learned. Change is difficult and often resisted, but the problems of the past are not worth repeating. Merry Heart Consulting can help you navigate the way through this process. Contact us and let’s make this journey together.

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