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Meet The Team

Mike Williams

Reading Specialist, administrator, presenter, designer, blogger

Marcie Williams

Early childhood educator, homeschool teacher, event planner, blogger

Jonathan Williams

Elementary teacher, reading specialist, blogger

Mike Williams, B. A. Elementary Education, M.A. Reading Specialist
Addl. Certifications: Master Mentor, Superintendent, Principal, and
Supervisor of Instruction

Since 1988, Mike has served the educational community in many different capacities. Beginning as an elementary classroom teacher in Lakeland, Florida, Mike and his family moved to Fairmont, West Virginia in 1991 to continue his teaching career.

During his career, Mike has worked in elementary and middle schools as a classroom teacher, a Title I Reading Specialist, Dean of Students in both elementary and middle schools, elementary school principal, and as a Title I Liaison in the district office.


Throughout those years, Mike has been actively involved in developing strategic plans, parent involvement activities, professional development sessions, conducting data analysis, and modeling instructional strategies at the school and district levels.

Mike is a champion of educational excellence and has developed a variety of instructional tools to raise the level of academic rigor and student engagement. He believes that education  is a high and noble calling, and teachers everywhere should be encouraged and supported in this important work.

Marcie Williams, B.A. Elementary Education

Marcie's educational journey has been filled with experiences in many different aspects of our profession. Beginning in 1986, Marcie has taught in a private school, low-income public schools, and as a home school parent. With 23 years of teaching experience, Marcie brings to Merry Heart Educational Consultants a wealth of knowledge and insights.

Classically trained as an early elementary/early childhood educator, Marcie understands that "play is a child's work." Her years as a kindergarten teacher has provided her with classroom management tools, the ability to construct high quality, high-interest learning units, and a deep understanding about what is developmental appropriate for our youngest learners.

As a home school parent, Marcie has taught her own four children from preschool through high school. Her experience with local cooperative home school groups has allowed her the opportunity to assist families with curriculum selection, annual assessments, and home school management.

Most recently, Marcie has been working in the local schools as a substitute teacher and is pursuing certification to return to the classroom.

Jonathan Williams, B. A. Elementary Education,
(currently completing M.A. Reading Specialist)

Still relatively new to the field, Jonathan has a natural instinct for what works with kids in a classroom. Having served as an Instructional Support Teacher and Title I Interventionist, he has worked with students who struggle academically, behaviorally, and emotionally.

Before coming into the educational field, Jonathan completed a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, worked as a paralegal and as a journalist. He brings those research skills to Merry Heart Consultants and is able to ask the difficult questions that lead to real change in an organization.

Jonathan serves as a guest blogger for this website and is a regular contributor to the work we do here at Merry Heart.

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