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Helping at Home

Shel Silverstein perhaps put it best in his poem, "Homework" (1981)

       Homework! Oh, Homework!

       I hate you! You stink!...

Like it or not, kids will have work to complete at home, and it is good for parents to be involved. One good reason is that it helps parents connect with their kids, the teachers, and the school at large. One challenge that parents face, however, in this task of helping with homework is not fully understanding the line between helping and doing the work.

Our Merry Heart consultants have had years of experience working with parent groups and discussing ways to best help students understand without actually completing the work for them. We can address the challenge with parents and provide them with many different ways to encourage their children to try, stretch their understanding of difficult concepts, and assist their students reach mastery of the material. Let us help!

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