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No, this isn’t where the cavalry comes riding in to save the day. At MHEC, our classroom interventions include assistance and guidance with the planning process, brainstorming ways to motivate an unmotivated student, classroom observations with follow-up conferences, and modeling instructional strategies. Modeling the writing process is an example of what MHEC offers.


Engaging and leading students through the writing process is an area where many teachers feel underprepared. The writing process is a very effective vehicle to embed grammar, spelling, and reading instruction. As a tool in our teaching toolbox, it is crucial that teachers regularly incorporate the writing process into their literacy instruction. Writing about what has been learned deepens comprehension and mastery of the material (Graham & Hebert, 2011), which is what instruction is all about. Our 5 Boxes writing program guides students through the process with graphic organizers, clarifying questions, and writing rubrics. Our experienced teachers can model these lessons in your classroom. Contact us for more information.

Classroom Intervention

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